Buying Property In Spain


What to know when buying property in Spain

The Procedure for Buying Property in Spain

If a particular property is of interest and you wish to purchase, it will be necessary to place a holding deposit and sign a reservation contract. The property will then be removed from the market at the agreed purchase price while searchesare conducted. At this juncture we suggest you instruct an Abogado (lawyer) to act on your behalf for the conveyance, which we can arrange for you if required.


The Role of the Abogado

The abogado is a Spanish lawyer appointed to safeguard your interests and legal rightsand to ensure compliance and due diligence. He will prepare a purchase contract to be signed by you and the vendorto agree the price and completion date etc. The abogado will perform checks on the property for any outstanding debts, tax arrears and unpaid bills. He will prepare the title deeds – Escritura de Compraventa – to be notarised by the ‘NotarioPublico’ (Public Notary) on completion, and will pay any outstanding debts.


The Notario Publico

Appointed by the government, the NotarioPublico is responsible for agreeing the notarial (official) value of the property and ensuring that all taxes have been paid. Once he is satisfied that everything is in order he will then advise the signing of the Escritura de Compraventa, to be done in his presence, and he will counter-sign on behalf of the government. Once this has been completed, he will lodge the Escritura de Compraventa with the local land registry office.


Total Legal Costs

As a guide you should calculate and add between 10 and 12 percent to the purchase price of the property for legal costs. This will cover the Transfer Tax, Abogado, Notario and Land Registration fees. 


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